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Life moves on

Posted by itheabsolute on March 23, 2006

Now that I have bunked more classes than I am allowed to, without the possibility of a penalty of getting a lower grade, I have to drag myself to all the remaining classes. It is fundamentally a question of incentives. Though some classes are interesting, there is no interest left in me. In many of the candidates.

We have received a note listing the exit formalities to be completed to let us go from here.

The classes and exams get over by April 1. Between April 1 and April 7, there are not official activities. People are going out on tours. Latest by April 5, we will have our laptops reformated. We can then no longer use the laptops within the ISB network. Library will lend the last book / DVD to us on April 4 and the latest date to return it will be April 5. We are required to settle all our dues by April 5. ISB will not be the same place on April 6. The activity will pick up on April 7 and will conclude on April 8. April 8 is the graduation day. We can stay back maximum till 12 noon on April 10.

The year has really gone faster than I could ever imagine. I have enjoyed the year in more ways than one. The school will be missed long since we are gone from here, but having served its purpose, the school has no place for us people. The school will get ready to receive the new set of hopeful, enthusiastic and slightly anxious people on April 15

Life moves on.

5 Responses to “Life moves on”

  1. Anonymous said

    HI Vijay,

    I have been reading your blog for several months and I must admit this indeed is one of the best blogs I follow. I like especially like the clear thought process and conviction you display in your posts.

    All the best in your consulting career and in life !. You indeed will remember ISB for quite some time to come !

    Do keep blogging.


    ISB,Class of 2004

  2. anonymous and nikhil

    thank you very much for your comments. these comments mean very much to me. thanks


    apologies on delayed response. the usual books, barons, princeton, official gmat guide, kaplan will help. pls also do good research on http://www.clearadmit.com, http://www.accepted.com, http://www.daveformba.com.

    all the best

  3. Nikhil said

    Hi Vijay,

    Like many others, I have been a silent-follower of your blog; one gem of a blog from a gem of a person!

    I am thankful to my friend who gave me a link to your blog.

    Please continue your blog as I for one would love to hear from you everything about your next endeavor, that of a Consultant.

    Thanks again,

  4. anamika said

    I have been reading your blog for quite some time! A very well written blog, i must say. I plan to take my GMAT end of this year.Could you please let me know the books you read for the GMAT preparation?

    Thanx a Ton!

  5. Anonymous said

    very well written…its so true! lie moves on….

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