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Posted by itheabsolute on March 21, 2006

I dont know if i have said this before; I will say this again nevertheless – Don’t compare your inside with someone else’s outside. One will need to remember this maxim during class participation.

There are people who speak and then there are people who do. People who speak can intimidate, particularly during the early stages of ISB life. And once one feels intimidated, one could do two things – either stop participating in class discussion (?) or just do it without giving much thought to it.

Class Participation allows people to speak. And speak will those people that tend to speak without the realization that class participation is a good way to share knowledge, but a bad way to think that one could display knowledge.

I say this because, many of the points students make are usually already thought by many of the other students. There are only a few points that are made in the class that the other students would not have thought about. These points as everyone can guess are not found in the facts of the cases that are assigned for reading, but are found in the books that one has read in past or in the experience that one has gone through or even observations that one has made.

If there is one thing that ISB students need to improve on, that would be class participation. I only said improve.

But so long as class participation will be graded, such tendencies to speak what has already been spoken or speak that everyone has already thought out in the dreams or just repeat the facts of the case will continue.

A simple rule is what is said in an old saying – don’t look where you fell, look where you slipped. Look not for obvious facts, but for the causes that underlie the facts. One will then speak what makes a class discussion enriching. One will do good in class participation.

PS: CP = Class Participation

6 Responses to “CP tips”

  1. jasmine said

    lol its seems like all want to enlighten my ignorance or something!:)

  2. Sridhar said


    Here are some revelations in our Leadership Class

    1. Speaking in Public is the most common feared event
    2. Dying in public is the second most feared event
    3. Dying while speaking in public is the third most feared event


  3. jasmine said

    hm i guess ur right annon….

  4. Anon555 said

    Hi Jasmine….this is just a thought from what little I observed in classrooms when I was a student……there are some students who feel that their thoughts are not neccessaeily too great and hence dont see a point in speaking out…….yet there are some students who fear being ridiculed should their view not get well with others….bottom line being…either they have fear of sorts to express or they consider it too trivial to speak out.

    Anon 555

  5. jasmine said

    hi. well written post, but i must ask y is it that some are so scared to speak up in class? ive attained my under grad degree fm the usa….so u will be like its a cmmon thing there…ya it is….but it wasnt 4 me ….took a while to get used to it but i took off eventually.

    but it keeps intriguing me why some ppl are not comfi w. it. esp in this bk that im reading…its called 5pt some-chetan bhagat even in that the charachter Hari knows everything but just cant summon his guts 4 his vivas bec of whch he always ruins his grades!

  6. Anonymous said

    Very well written.Like most of your posts.But that is definitely a lesson to be learnt.Cheers.

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