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At sea

Posted by itheabsolute on March 5, 2006

All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it – Samuel Butler

While I am not able to do any work on the academic front for lack of any incentive, I am also not able to fully enjoy myself because every event/ instance of pleasure seeking brings with it a tinge of guilt. Because the principal business of our lives is no longer to enjoy it. It is but to work.

All that one needs to learn is better learnt before seventh term. Eighth term is for being confused because there are too many things to do. It is the term to really disentangle oneself from the academic mindset. It is the time to get a little rugged to face the world outside the school, where hard decisions need to be made. Where the downside for erring or being lazy is not a B grade, but far more critical consequences.

Btw, Dubya came, he interacted, he conquered. Mr President was quite different from what is usually seen/shown on TV. That is all incidental. What was of consequence was ISB became even more famous. He served our purpose.

PS: People who are in the race for place in Dean’s List continue to study hard.

12 Responses to “At sea”

  1. anon

    laziness and disorientation. will try and be more regular.



  2. anon

    laziness and disorientation. will try and be more regular.



  3. anonymous

    how is the information important to you?

    appreciate a context to the question and a name with it.


  4. sridhar

    thanks for the comments. sure, there need not be fundamental contradiction between achievement and contentment.


    thanks. equating life to career is something which i dont like. and philosophy does provide some clues on how one can look at life.

  5. Deepesh

    Thanks. The title is not available with me. You could perhaps post your request over yahoo group. someone who has secured admission may be interested to sell it.


    the top 10 % of the class belong to the dean’s list. i am referring to academics.

    thanks Sudhir. best wishes for your efforts

  6. Anon said

    what happened? No further posts for past few days

  7. Anonymous said

    Did Bain Consulting visit ISB this year? I remember reading on someone’s blog that they were on campus to check out…

  8. Anonymous said

    Nice blog…u like philos’y or sth…


  9. Sridhar said

    Your comments have strong similarity with what Einstein said. “Being happy cannot be the purpose of human life. Pigs can be happy when they roll in mud. In my view, the quest for beauty, truth and kindness are the three reasons for a human life.”

  10. Anonymous said

    hey vijay, was lovely meeting u 2day was very informative and made us underdstand the nuances of life and realised how imp contentment in life is.

    thanks a lot for taking out time and meeting us.
    once again all the very best for all ur future endeavours.

    will be in touch with u


  11. Anonymous said

    vijay, what is this “dean’s list”? and how does one enter it?? – jb

  12. hi, i have been following ur blog for quite some time and love ur style. Thanks for those enlightning Tips.
    Actually i am in search for this book for quite some time “How to get into top MBA Programs by J.D. , Richard Montauk” and today i saw it in your “Must read coloum”. So i was wondering if u have an e-copy of this book. and if yes, can u kindly take the pains to send me.

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