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Some facts and views

Posted by itheabsolute on February 20, 2006

Placements are going on well. There are a few disappointments too. But everyone gets to get two offers. So people can have one safety offer and then asprie to get one target offer.

It is clearly emerging that grades and being studious do not have a great correlation with getting good jobs (except consulting jobs). Many of the interviews are personal interviews and have had minimal technical content. Given this, being good at interpersonal skills and peaking when it is required is quite critical. Sitting in the rooms to study all the time will obviously not make one develop interpersonal skills.

Why do recruiters do more of personal interviews? Because the students are experienced and the quality of education at ISB is good. So, fundamentally and technically, things cannot be seriously wrong with the candidates.

I have received many mails asking what jobs will one get, what will be min and max salaries, details of placements, etc.

My answer – ISB is what we want to make out of it. If we do not know the destination, it does not matter where we go.

It would be good if one knows what one wants to do by the time he comes to ISB. Or,
if coming to ISB is to explore opportunities (career shifts are quite possible), then such exercise has to be quite rigorous and limited to the first four terms. By the end of four terms, one should have figured out where one wants to go and what one has to do to get there. Once this is figured out then, one should focus only on that objective. Results will eventually come. When in doubt connect with the alumnus/ni working in your target industry or firm.

People do not get shortlisted because of poorly made resumes (rather than lack of requirements). Resume making cannot start when applications are called for. Resume making has to start on the second day of arriving on the campus. If one is not sure, one can start with just putting the resume in one page format and have the sentences start with strong verbs.

Salaries are a function of one’s past experience but more importantly what one brings to the table. Negotiations are important. But because students are under stress, they fail to negotiate properly.

Will hold on to exact details of placements till the season gets over.

PS: Btw, my grades are not even at the average.

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