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Got my job

Posted by itheabsolute on February 19, 2006

Got a job with a management consulting firm. The highest INR salary offer so far on the campus. The managing partner (CEO in India) took us out for dinner after the offers were made. Feels terrific.

The total offers on campus on day 1 seem to be around 100+. way to go for ISB.

Watch this space for more news.

33 Responses to “Got my job”

  1. Anonymous said

    What’s the CTC like?

  2. Krishna

    Thanks and look forward to meeting you


    Thanks for your wishes


  3. chiranth said

    Congratulations, Vijay.

    – Class of 2007

  4. Krishna said

    Hi Vijay,

    Congrats on the BIG offer! I hav been a regular reader of ur blog since I started apping to ISB in Oct. What strikes me abt ur posts is the maturity and ability to keep in things in perspective.

    Eagerly waiting for ur gyan on Orientation day.

    Class of 2007

  5. your wishes are quite overwhelming. cannot thank you all enough.

    i will surely update on MC interviews and my interview experience in particular.


  6. Congrats Vijay !!!

    I cud very well imagine how cool & collected u are from ur blog posts, that i didnt think this as a surprise. You deserved it & got it.

    Can you throw some light on how the MC interview was like, and what kind of preparations wud help for MC interviews in general? now that u have an idea

    I’m, like most, an IT guy wishing to break into MC.

    Hoping to get a better knowledge & insider info (ofcourse, only the things that cud be revealed) of the placement season in ISB 🙂

    Party On, Mate !!!

    – Murali

  7. Anonymous said

    Hey excellent news.Well done.Congratulations.Looking forward to further updates.

  8. bbird said

    Hi V

    You deserved it! Congrats
    and all the best.


  9. Anonymous said

    Congrats Vijay!!!!
    I have been following your blog since the day I started the ISB app. process. I look forward to meet you at the campus.

    Amit Sawhney
    Co 2007

  10. Anonymous said

    Hey Vijay,
    Congratulations! Ur blog is an excellent introspection tool for me. Wish things are always bright at the horizon for u.


  11. Anonymous said

    kongratz 🙂

  12. Pani said

    Congratulations Vijay!

    Got the one you wanted to be!



  13. Hello Vijay

    Hearty Congratulations! You deserve it.

    Best wishes..


  14. Anonymous said



  15. hi friends

    thanks a lot. apart from efforts, there is also an element of luck (read random factors / epsilon factors) at play. it is about peaking to your potential when it matters most. i think i was at my best yesterday.

    For guys of CO 2007

    i will be around during orientation time. hope to make some presentation on my learnings. and we will have lotsa offline discussions. you must be having exciting times waiting for the date of entry. believe me, it is going to be fun here. having said that, should say that placement season is frightening too.

    all the best…..

    thanks &

  16. Sridhar said

    Hearty congratulations Vijay! You are not only a great source for inspiration through your blogging but also a role model through your achievements. I am sure this is just a begining.

  17. Venkat said

    Heartiest Congratulations Vijay. I am yet another fan of your bolg.( and an admit to co 2007)–

    Way to go. Hope to hear more good news on placements front soon.

  18. Anonymous said

    Absolutely great dude…..hearty congratulations :–)…..i was following ur blog for long….and was waiting for ur placement…..u got the good news very fast….man u r amazing….

    Keep going dude…

    Prospective ISBian…

    Sree (sree82@gmail.com)

  19. Anonymous said

    Absolutely great dude…..hearty congratulations :–)…..i was following ur blog for long….and was waiting for ur placement…..u got the good news very fast….man u r amazing….

    Keep going dude…

    Prospective ISBian…

    Sree (sree82@gmail.com)

  20. hats off to u, buddy. Congratulations for your success.

  21. Satish said

    – Satish

  22. Satish said


  23. Anuj said

    Congrats Vijay!!! You hitting such a great job was expected 🙂 wasnt it ?
    Best of luck and would be glad if you can get the clear picture of placements for all of us watching this space 🙂

  24. Resolute said

    Congratulations Vijay, very well deserved indeed!
    Please elaborate whenever you can… we all are waiting for the details 😉

  25. Obelixous said

    Great going!!! Congrats!!!

  26. Anonymous said

    i read your blog everyday since last december and its really great to hear you got the highest paid salary so far in the campus!

    Pretty cool.

    Wishing you all the luck for future.

  27. Anonymous said

    Congrats vijay . Way to go .
    Which consultancy firm you got in ?

  28. sundeep said

    Hey Vijay,

    Congrats !! Thats brilliant….

    fill in with more details at ur convenience…


  29. Anonymous said

    Congratulations Vijay!

    And this may sound kinda cheezy…but I read almost all blogs written by the people in your batch because I am an applicant. I knew that amongst all the bloggers, if there was someone who would land a job on the first day, it was going to be you. Presumably you obviously really like it because you didnt care much for the placement season and placed more emphasis on working your own network which is quite commendable. So, congratulations once again and I hope our paths will cross in the future….

    I guess we will have to wait for the details…

    Good on ya!
    Sam – Toronto

  30. Hearty Congratulations Vijay! 🙂

  31. Shreyansh said

    Congratulations Vijay !!

    Which firm??

  32. Anonymous said

    Way to go! What’s your role in the company going to be?

  33. Congratulations MAN! That’s awesome. I hope you get time to reflect on just how far you’ve come instead of just what’s ahead. You deserve a big pat on the back!

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