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The placement season begins

Posted by itheabsolute on February 17, 2006

Come tomorrow, many of us have interviews. I have two of my interviews tomorrow. Given the competition on the campus, no one can be certain about the outcome. Most of the students are brilliant in their own way. All that we all can do is to try and peak when it matters most. Having said that it is not time to get diffident or dejected for whatever reason. Life gives many opportunities.

Will keep posted on happenings. Not sure if I can give all the details though.

PS:The philosophical undertone is but thanks to my own feelings and the mood on the campus.

5 Responses to “The placement season begins”

  1. Hi Friends

    Thanks a lot for your wishes. They indeed helped me.


  2. Chirantan said

    Hi Vijay,
    Urs is one of the blogs which are quite interesting, and a bit Intriguing, I must add! 🙂
    Hope the year long hardwork of tilling and sowing the seeds of business bring glorious results and a bumper Harvest. All the Best !

  3. Anonymous said

    All the best!!

    BTW, what kind of roles are you looking at?

  4. Anonymous said

    Hey Vijay,

    Its been fun reading your blog over the year. Good luck with your placements.

    Sam – Toronto

  5. Shreyansh said

    Good luck.

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