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Continual uncertainty leads to mysticism

Posted by itheabsolute on February 12, 2006

It has started to hurt now. The uncertainty about slotting and shortlists is increasing. Though I did not go to the exclusive show of “Rang De Basanti”* organized at a local multiplex for ISBians, I am told many did not want to come out of the multiplex. Coming out of it meant coming back to ISB. Coming back here meant looking at applications, write EOI and push applications into the system. Which means increased uncertainty.

Though most of us (cannot vouch the same for ‘all’) are far from getting mystic, anyone not being able to get placed in the first 3-4 days will definitely find himself in the quagmire of self-doubt and karma, which are a fertile ground for mysticism.

Meanwhile, some good things keep happening to the same lot of people. A couple of good companies have had discussions with these students for openings abroad.

Next week this time, some people would have officially gotten placed. Mck, BCG and Citi – the big daddies would have made their offers. Watch this space for more about the vicissitudes of this placement drama as it unfolds.


* Watched the movie a couple of days ago. I liked the movie for its technical brilliance.

4 Responses to “Continual uncertainty leads to mysticism”

  1. sameer

    am quite chilled out.

    thanks for the wishes


    hoping so. thanks


    there is a strong rumor on campus about a big ticket job that i have grabbed. i can only comment that —i wish it was true!


  2. Anonymous said

    Heard you have already hit a jackpot !!

  3. Pani said

    You will make it to your dream job.

    All the Best!

  4. Sameer Singla said

    Need not worry, dude!!

    You will make it into your dream job and I wish everyone in ISB to make it into the best of places..

    Best of luck..

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