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Time to get serious

Posted by itheabsolute on February 8, 2006

Job postings are raining now. Many well-known names in the financial world have given out job postings. More are going to come. Some good firms are offering Vice-president & Director positions. This is true recognition of what ISB has to offer – experienced candidates. I am quite excited about the opportunities ISB has opened up for the students. Now, it is up to us how we convert these opportunities into jobs / career.

We are just 10 days away from the start date of the placement season. While there is a lot of tension in the air, the earnestness required to do the kill is still missing. One shortlist is all that is required to make the person get into action.

Let’s see what is in store. Handling this nebulousness is challenging yet exciting.

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  1. Anonymous said

    Relevant info:

    India to beat China in 10 years: BBC survey

    The Financial Express
    Posted online: Friday, February 10, 2006 at 1412 hours IST

    New Delhi, February 9: A BBC World survey in association with AC Nielson on global Indians reveals that India will overtake China in terms of economy growth in the next 10 years. While 57% respondents feel India will become the next Asian superpower in the next 10 years, 55% believe India can win a bid to host the Olympics during the same period and 60% believe that the poor in India will benefit from future economic growth.

    The survey targeted a universe of eight million people and the results uncovered four global Indian sub-groups. The most influential sub-group is the Globizen — individuals with both strong international attitudes and behaviours.

    The survey has made an attempt to put the global Indian under the lens to look at their media consumption, product and brand ownership, cultural uniqueness, international interests and what they believe are the biggest global issues. The results showed that 35% of Globizens live in Mumbai, 20% in Hyderabad, 16% in New Delhi, 9 in Chennai and 8% each in Kolkata and Bangalore.

    Commenting on the new survey, BBC World head of research and planning Jeremy Nye said, “India is today the world’s most vibrant debating chamber. It has the most exciting and open news media, with a growing passion for international news. We believe that these unique characteristics make Global Indians of value not only to those in India, who are living through the change, but also to international decision-makers looking to understand it.”

    Globizens acknowledge that economic progress is their key goal for India to develop into a superpower, and rank education, population control and information technology as the most important contributing factors.

    Interestingly, the Globizens also believe that India’s hard-working people are its most important assets, followed by natural resources and a vast base of intelligent people.

  2. Anonymous said

    HI VJ

    Please let me know if it is ok to clip to your site with info like this

    ‘Brand India’ hooks Pak students

    In an exchange programme that claims to be the first of its kind, two Pakistani students, Mian Muhammed Usman and Muhammad Faisal Saleem from the Lahore University of Management Sciences, came to ISB, Hyderabad. After having spent a complete semester of three months in the city, the two young men are completely in awe of India and its magic charms.

    Usman, an Economics Graduate from University of Texas at Austin who is now pursuing his MBA says, “The whole experience was fascinating to say the least. This trip was also an eye opener. We’ve heard so much about the country, and now we got to see it. It’s awesome.” Talking about Indo-Pak relations both the students seem very optimistic. Says Usman, “The relationship is improving and it is a great sign. I think both the countries are on the right track because we have realised that we need to put all else behind us and prosper economically. This programme between ISB and LUMS is a great example of this new phenomenon. Here, minds are meeting, nothing else.”

    The changing face of India seems to be what attracted them the most. Says Usman, “It seems like the country is constantly on the move to create brand India. The pace, the growth and the changes that we see here are truly amazing.” Adds Faisal, “We are a bit more laid back in Pakistan. We also have tough competition from India, but over time, we’ll soon catch up.”

    Apart from attending classes on marketing, three months gave both Usman and Faisal a chance to sample the city’s culture, both by day and night. Says Faisal, “We did not want to miss out on any of the historic monuments, so we did all the essential touristy sight seeing and stuff. I also did a bit of shopping and picked up some pretty pearls.”

    Usman, who is more of the night bird, has tasted the city’s nightlife and enjoyed every bit of it. He says, “The night culture here is quite different from what we have in Pakistan. Since we don’t have bars there, private parties are the most happening events. The picture here was totally different and I must say I enjoyed the energy.” As far as food is concerned, they relished everything from the quintessential biryani to south Indian dosas.

    Though they were here on a tight schedule for just three months, Usman and Faisal claim to have had a great time. “I’m sure India is my destination for the next couple of years. I don’t understand why people want to go to the West when everything’s right here,” says Usman. In fact, while they are all gaga about the rich Indian culture, Westernisation is one thing that’s playing spoilsport according to them. Faisal says, “While modernisation is great, westernisation is only killing the culture of India. Even the media unnecessarily plays up everything that has something to with the West. This shift is yet to come in Pak.”

    Both Usman and Faisal are great cricket fans and say that Pak has strong chances of winning the current series. “It was fun to watch cricket in a room with Indians rooting for their team, and we supporting ours,” says Faisal who is also a great fan of Bollywood movies and Aishwarya and Shah Rukh in particular.

  3. sudhir

    my mobile 9849001300. thanks


    i did not participate in admission activities. could have been good 🙂


    thank u very much. will keep u posted of what will happen.


    there are some. one guy has already started his venture. it depends on loan status too. if a guy/girl has a loan, prefernce will be for a job. next year ISB may get grants to fund start ups. hope to see some action on this front.


    thanks. sure, it is a great place


    could i have your name before i answer your questions.


  4. Anonymous said

    Hi Vijay
    I am working in a finance firm in Mumbai and looking seriously at ISB. Can u pls elaborate on the finance placements in ISB this year. What do u mean by “well-known names in the financial world”? Apart from the backoffices of IBs, are there any other kinds of finance placements happening?
    Your inputs will help me a long way in taking a decision

  5. Anonymous said

    As an ISB apirant, it sounds gr8 to hear what ISB can offer….

    All the vert best dude…hope u also end up with a good placement…

  6. Immy said

    Random surfing is my hobby and it was by accident that I chanced upon your blog and then of few more people from ISB. One year course is really a very attractive concept. By the way, I have one question. Are not there any people out there who want to be entreprenaurs? Is everyone behind a dream job only?

  7. tony said

    Wishing you luck dear friend.. Hope you get at least a VP level profile

  8. Anuj said

    I had my interview and the Alum in interview looked a bit like you and I was praying it should be you 🙂 But it was someone else.

  9. Anonymous said

    hi vijay this is sudhir i was working in coromandel fertilisers with shankar subramanian. will be applying 2 ISb this nov.

    All the very best for ur placements

    plzzz ping me ur cell number

    my email id is sudhir18n@yahoo.com



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