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Posted by itheabsolute on February 6, 2006

The most important document for a recruiter is the resume. It is believed that only international firms take EOI (expression of interest) seriously. Many Indian companies need an EOI but really do not spend much time to go through it. One consulting firm told as much. It is like buying a gift. There is evidence that a gift is, in most cases, more valuable (economic value) to the giver than the receiver. The one giving the gift spends a lot of time searching for the right one (??), but usually can never estimate what the receiver of the gift wants or values. Similarly, for us, the EOIs take a lot of time to prepare, but they generally do not mean much to the recruiter. Notwithstanding, we spend time on making EOIs, just in case the recruiter wants to read it with more interest.

4 Responses to “EOI”

  1. hi sameer

    thanks for the compliment.



    thank you…need a lot of such wishes


  2. Anonymous said

    Vase Overturned

  3. Anonymous said

    Yes Dude,You are sincere and honest
    and informative with no attitude,
    pray the best for you in all u do

  4. Sameer Singla said


    Your blog needs to be credited as the “Bible for ISB (admits and aspirants)”.

    Thanks for doing a great job.

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