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What maketh the Professor of the Year?

Posted by itheabsolute on February 4, 2006

Prof Krishna Kumar, who taught us second part of Global Economics, has been voted, for the second time, the Professor of the Year.

What goes into making the best professor? His knowledge and ability to teach. Sure. More importantly, his passion for his subject, his ability to evoke interest in the discipline and his initiative to point to the students the relevance of the subject to the real world environment.

I do not think Prof Krishna has been the best in all of these, but he has been good in all. Whereas other Professors were good in some but not in all. Some of the professors definitely beat Prof Krishna in being more knowledgeable and being better at communicating. But those will hardly substitute his passion and ability to evoke interest.

While I did not vote for Prof Krishna, I am not surprised that he won. He is amongst the best. He was here with us for just 5 sessions, which is about 10 hours. And that many terms ago. The imprint he left on people’s memory and learning is quite amazing.

It is professors like Krishna that make ISB distinctive. These professors bring learnings from cutting-edge research (most relevant to the current business environment) to the classroom discussions. A great faculty stands as the top two reasons why ISB is the best.


1. A great peer group is the other
2. Rigorous and robust curriculum is an offshoot of having these professors
3. Infrastructure is truly good. But what is infrastructure without good people around
4. Prof Dishan, who teaches us Negotiotion Analysis, had two articles published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Getting two articles published in a prestigious journal and that in a year is no mean affair, as our Dean writes.

2 Responses to “What maketh the Professor of the Year?”

  1. karthik

    read ur post. sure, agree with what you say. thanks


  2. Karthik said


    I kind of agree with you on this…but I think there is a good reason as to why he keeps winning it…read my last posting for further details….

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