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Seating Preference

Posted by itheabsolute on February 2, 2006

During the Term I, many of the students wanted to sit in the front row, closer to the Professor. This preference continued till Term III. By Term IV, people were a little bored with core terms and wanted to enjoy the context, rather than content, and hence wanted to move to last rows. During Term V, when the electives started, there was enthusiasm again and the preference was to sit in front rows. And from Term VI, the preference definitely has been to sit as far away from the Professor as possible. Sitting in last rows will allow one to sleep in class, open the laptop to browse, read the newspaper & magazines, chat with the neighbor, and duck away from the professor and take calls on cell phone.

This term, many of the students are only physical present in the class. We are thinking about our placements, making our resumes, preparing responses to the possible interview questions, etc. Academics and grades are definitely not the primary concern. The enthusiasm will hopefully return during Term VIII, by when the placement of most of the students will be over.

1.There are students who have been more consistent than others. They always wanted to sit in the backbenches.
2. There aren’t many choices. There are only 4 rows. Also, the seating arrangement is drawn by the Academic office at the beginning of every term. However, one could always request the office for change before it comes up with the seating chart.
3. I say most of the students will get placed and not all of them because interviews will continue till March 19th and also for senior positions, interviews and negotiations will continue much longer.

3 Responses to “Seating Preference”

  1. there are two quite opposite possibilities.

    since jobs would be in pocket, people would not bother much about classes


    since this will be the last term and last time that most may go to school again, people may show interest


  2. Anonymous said

    It will be fun to see how students take the last term. I am guessing it won’t be much different than the current term.

  3. Dinesh said

    lol on PS 1

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