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ISB student leadership awards

Posted by itheabsolute on January 28, 2006

ISB has instituted student leadership awards as a tribute to the ISB students who have demonstrated extraordinary ability, leadership, commitment, and quality of participation in student activities, and/or any other ISB brand building activity. They shall be portrayed to recruiters along the same lines as the Dean’s list. There are two categories – ISB Young Leaders Award to be given to a maximum of 5 and ISB Torch Bearers Award to be given to the maximum of 10 % of the class size to maintain parity with Dean’s list. The award is given to those who demonstrate maximum effectiveness, as opposed to efforts, in various categories defined by the selection committee.

I think this is a good initiative taken up by the elected graduate body of the students and the ISB administration. This is to prove the point that at a b-school like ISB where one learns as much (if not more) from the peer group as from the curriculum, focusing on academics alone is not optimal. While people who have excelled in academics deserve full marks and are given a chance to get noticed by the Dean’s list, people who have actively participated in co-curricular activities through student clubs or otherwise do not get noticed, particularly by the recruiting community. By instituting this award, ISB has created a level playing field. Now students coming here will not be constrained to spend time on activities, which help the entire community and help in their own self-development.

It is also noteworthy that there are a few people who figure in both Dean’s List for their academic performance and Student Leadership Award category (in both Young Leaders and Torch Bearers) for their contribution to ISB community and brand. These people again prove that it is a wrong to think one can focus only on either academics or co-curricular activities. They have shown that one can excel in both. They indeed stand for the spirit of ISB as a school.

PS: I am one of the recipients of the Torch Bearers Award 🙂

14 Responses to “ISB student leadership awards”

  1. Anonymous , Enakshi

    Thank you very much


  2. Enakshi said


  3. Anonymous said

    WOw you are so awe inspiring.Keep up the good work and all the very best to you.

  4. Hi all of you

    thank you very much for your wishes. it is overwhelming.

    it is the indomitable spirit of winning and testing one’s own limits that makes people here set higher goals and achieve them. i am amazed the strength people possess here. i am quite glad that i am amongst these people. it is quite humbling.

    the award is for 10 % of the people of the entire batch which is about 345 people


  5. sri said

    a question ???

    how do people manage to … participate in so many student activities … besides concentrating on academics moreso considering the rigor of the one year duration of the course.
    awards like this really motivate and give enough enrgy to people in walking the extra mile besides their proven capabilities in academics… congratulations on the award. also… is this 10% for the entire batch of this year.. or the section strength… which i remember is 70 -90 out of the 500 odd people per batch. ??

  6. Anuj said

    congrats ..you sure deserve it and your blog is really informative

  7. Sundeep said

    Hi Vijay,

    Congrats on the award… Your blog rocks ! Keep it going….

    Sundeep Tibrewal

  8. Anonymous said


  9. Dinesh said

    Cool! Congrats..

  10. Paa"ji" said

    Congratulation 🙂

  11. Congrats man.You guyz truly deserve it.

  12. Hello Vijay

    Congratulations on your award. Your abilities and efforts have been well rewarded. Once again, congratulations on an award well deserved


  13. Anonymous said

    Boss…let me tell you that yours is one of the best blog i have come across, that presents your thought process on MBA life in such a refreshing manner, and one which is updated so frequently. 😉
    Congrats for the award !!!…Am sure you’ll go places.
    Guess I should seriously consider coming back to india to do my MBA.

  14. Anonymous said

    kongratz 🙂


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