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Crossing the Rubicon

Posted by itheabsolute on January 17, 2006

Today I attended the PPT of a ‘final-four’ firm. The PPT was, to say the least, a damp squib. I sat there for about 40 minutes. I could hardly relate to the people there. I knew that this is a firm where I cannot work. The firm is, remember, a final four firm with a multi billion dollar top line. The firm must be doing something good and must have good people with it. But what are all these to me if I cannot relate to what the firm does and what the people are made of.

I am getting thoroughly convinced that there are only a few firms that a person can find fit with. The point of attending PPTs is to discover this fit. I could be too hasty in coming to decision just based on a 40 minutes of interaction. But then as companies look at resumes to reject rather than accept and will finally accept those that cannot be rejected on any ground, I will also reject a company and only accept it when I cannot find a reason to reject it.

At this rate, though there appears to be a risk of ending up not find a job on campus, that is not a likelihood because I have a few banks and one consulting firm to which I can relate well and a new sector in private equity where I hope to find exciting opportunities.

While I wrote some time ago that the campus recruitment is not the end of the world and we can always move on if something does not work out, doing a proper homework to find the right place to get into is never a wrong thing.

Risk is an opportunity. It depends on where you are looking at it from. I had taken the first step by quitting a good job with a great company. No new risk is being assumed now. I have already crossed the Rubicon.

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