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I decide not to…..

Posted by itheabsolute on January 15, 2006

I finally decided not to apply to McKinsey. I still have 11 hours before the application deadline closes, but i dont think i will change my mind.

McKinsey is a great organization and a greater brand. If it was years before i would have given all it takes to try and get into the firm. Now it is a different story.

As I had written before, many decisions that we take on campus are driven by what others do (context) rather than what we actually want. An MBA experience /degree should empower us so that “we” decide on what we should/ want to do or not. More important is the compatibility issue. will i fit into the organization culture? is a questions which is very important to ask. But unfortunately we often give in into the high dollar / INR salary numbers and the glamour that the role offers. These become less relevant when we actually start working and get into the details of everyday work.

PS: My decision on BCG as of now – apply.

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