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Posted by itheabsolute on January 14, 2006

Today, BCG was on campus for its PPT. This is the third time the firm officially came to the campus. Most of the students know all of BCG officials and perhaps they recognize some of us. This is a firm, which has, or at least displays, a different culture. Its ecosystem seems to be different from the other firms. The firm, from what we can infer from the interaction between its own people at all levels, is non-hierarchical and democratic. At an intuitive level, I can relate well to this firm.

After the PPT, there were break-away sessions with focused interaction between limited number of students and a partner and his associates. He took great pains to explain all types of questions on why, how, what, where of consulting/BCG and life in consulting/BCG. I asked my share of questions. Later I had a few minutes chat with a partner asking him very specific question on whether I should look at consulting / BCG as an option given my background and objectives. He gave a yes and no answer. The yes and no will be a function what I want to do and in what time horizon.

I am usually very decisive and have rarely vacillated between these yes/no decisions. But this one decision of apply / no apply has bothered me for long. The intellectual stimulation that a consulting job offers is extremely high. But the firms tend to discount significant amount of non-consulting experience. There is a huge trade-off. Having put in considerable experience in a good company, a great role & a well paying industry, I have found making this decision quite difficult.

I am yet undecided. I still have a few more days, but if I apply to consulting firms this will be the one firm I will look forward to.

PS: Whether I will get selected or even short-listed is a different matter altogether. There are many arguments on why and why I will not get short-listed / selected. So far my record of getting shortlisted (without even applying) on campus is 100 %.

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