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The Last Quarter

Posted by itheabsolute on January 8, 2006

I can’t believe that we are done with three-fourths of the course and racing towards the most important period of this journey – placements. The pre-placement talks start tomorrow. Some big names have confirmed their visit to the campus. Try and speak with any student on campus, he will limit his talk to resume, cover letter, which industries he is focusing on and which companies he is applying to. This time the prep by the students is much better and there is no reason why last year’s records should not be broken.

Seventh term is going to be more hectic than it has ever been here, despite the fact that I just have three courses. I have even forgotten to read the cases for the first class, which starts on Tuesday for me. The following are the courses I have chosen

1. Branding
2. Operations Strategy
3. Capital Raising Strategies

Sixth term was good as the courses were good and the Profs rocked. Hoping an encore during seventh term.


The round one result of admissions for the next year is out. A couple of people I know have made it. If I am in Hyderabad during the orientation time, I will ensure that I will spend a full day with the students from next batch – just to tell that what to do and more importantly what not to do. It is never a sin to repeat ad nauseam what I believe are the most important issues one should take care during a fast-paced program like that of one at ISB

1. Be focused
2. Know what you came to the b-school for
3. Keep reminding what you are at the b-school for

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