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Life is good

Posted by itheabsolute on January 1, 2006

Life is good. Due in part to the fact that many decisions in life are reversible. But our thinking is attuned to the notion that every decision is a one-shot game. The fact that we can move on from a situation by making another decision is something which the mind many times skips to factor in. People who have played chess would realize that life is sometimes like chess*. Every move made by us will invite some response from others or events. To be able to estimate what would happen much later in the game and make the current move is a great effort, but even if we miss, we can still recoup and make the game turn in our favor.

This year will be important, but not necessarily crucial, for ISBians because placements will happen in another two months. On-campus placements are usually balanced in favor of the recruiter, because the recruiter has a huge choice. The consequences of the decisions that we make here can remain with us for a long time to come. But, as is with many other decisions, nothing so long as to mar our career or lives. The decision of joining a company, if found unfavorable, can always be reversed by moving out from the company. While there is a need to work hard and optimize, to that extent that every decision is reversible, there is no need to get psyched out. Life is indeed good. It only depends on how we want to look at it and treat it.

1. Life is good due largely to the fact that people can fall in love.
2. *Life, however, is not a zero-sum game like chess.
3. *Checkmate, however, is an irreversible situation, akin to death.
4. Think about what Scott Peck starts his famous book The Road less Traveled with – ‘Life is difficult’.

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