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Inexorable passage of time

Posted by itheabsolute on December 24, 2005

For many, the planning and the preparation for getting into a b-school span more than a year. The excitement that a b-school admit-letter brings in is indescribable. Yet, such excitement is not unadulterated. It is punctuated by a strange feeling of collywobbles caused by uncertainty and the fear of unknown. For many people, resigning jobs, taking large loans and relocating to an entirely new place are first time events in the lives.

The excitement and fear peak when one lands at the b-school but slowly dissolve and transform into intellectual curiosity & challenge that the exposure to new concepts bring in, the amusement and the amazement that the meeting of people from diverse backgrounds causes. Much later, it transforms into fatigue that the pace of learning and sleep deprivation lead to. As the course comes closer to the placement season, the excitement and the fear climb up, this time caused by the uncertainty and opportunities that lay hidden which will unfold during the interviews. At the end of it, for most, the decision turns out to be the best ever made and the entire experience one of great transformation.

Whatever one might get a hold of, one thing that never yields but surmounts all that an individual does is ‘time’. We cannot manage it because it runs faster than we can catch up and it is ‘infinite’. There is nothing one can do better in life than manage oneself.

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