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ISB never sleeps

Posted by itheabsolute on December 20, 2005

At 4 am, one would expect all of ISB to be asleep as classes start at 8.30 am. I went out about ten minutes ago to put my assingment in the drop-box. I hear loud music being played out of a room. A couple standing and chatting. A lady walking into the printer room to pick up her assignment. A couple of guys walking on the road encircling our main building.

It is amazing on one side and quite amusing on the other, where we get all this energy from to sustain sleep deprivation and how we manage to procrastinte things to bring ourselves to a situation where all assignments end up being due in next 6 hours. Every time. And have not heard of anyone having defaulted on submiting assignments on time.

One thing we will never complain about when we go back to the corporate world will be overload of work.

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