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A new obsession

Posted by itheabsolute on December 19, 2005

As the interview season comes near, the obsession of the students is no longer academics. Everyone is discussing jobs. Uncertainty is something which most of us feel threatened about. Everyone will get a job. Surely, better one than what one had left before. But the time between now and that event is the most difficult in the life of a b-school student. Imagine this paradox – everyone had a good job, left the job to come to a world class b-school, and now is gripped with this fear of not getting a job. Fundamentally, it is not the fear of not getting a job, but that of not getting the job one wants. The fact that for many jobs the competition is much more than we have ever faced in our pre-MBA lives, makes things worse. The entire interview week will be torturous for those that don’t get placed till the end. It needs great nerve to remain calm and composed. The only way to overcome these fears is to prepare more and in a methodical fashion.

Most of the students on campus have formed themselves into various focus groups. Groups comprise 3-5 students. Focus is on preparation for the interviews. The most popular format of preparation is case interviews. Case interviews not because everyone is attending a consulting job interview, but because it improves quick thinking and problem solving orientation. Case interviews also offer a chance to do revision of course concepts. Video recording of the interviews is critical as it is an important form of receiving feedback. Watching oneself will give a lot of clues on how to change and improve.

The fillip to the efforts by students is thanks to the consulting club at ISB and its president. Consulting club has made great efforts in organizing many events and workshops to spread awareness of consulting industry. More importantly, to let the students know about the techniques required to crack a case interview, how to make a better resume, et al. It is hoped that this time the number of consulting offers will go up by a good number. We also hope to beat last year’s highest USD and INR salaries.

For now, placements are the new obsession on campus

4 Responses to “A new obsession”

  1. hi vineeth


    i am not sure who u r hinting at. i wish what you think is what will be.


  2. We all know who is most poised to break the $$ Record this year. 🙂

    You write well. Keep it up!

  3. hi

    thanks. good luck for you.


  4. Anonymous said

    Hey Absolute, your Blog is very informative, especially for ISB aspirants like me (applied and interviewed and waiting for results). I discovered it recently. Keep up the good work.

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