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Management by moods

Posted by itheabsolute on December 13, 2005

As I was thinking, I realized that it is not necessarily lack of time that keeps me away from blogging during some days. It is my mood. Sometimes, however much I want to write, I cannot. Mood is a very important aspect of human behavior. There could be difference in the degree but never the absence of it. Many times I vacillate between extreme performances because of moods. My worst mistakes and failures are due less to ability and more to lack of mood to optimize the ability – situation.

Given that mood is an integral part of behavior, marketing people are increasingly realizing that categorizing people based just on their age, income profile, sex and such physical and financial aspects is no longer enough. People should be in a mood to buy or even decide to buy, for them or for others. One does not need to wait for the birthday of someone dear to buy a greeting card. Just being in a right mood is okay. Or if the loved one is in a bad mood, that also can motivate a purchase. Bombarding the audience with ads on TV every ten minutes, like the “hum hain na” bank does, may not be a good idea. Timing is very important. It is important to invest time and money to understand at what times audience can be most receptive to the message the ad is trying to convey.

Boss management also has a lot to do with moods. The answer to what you ask can depend less on ‘what’ aspect but entirely on ‘when’ aspect.

Highly sophisticated tools are available to arrive at the numbers to do valuations for Mergers and Acquisitions. But these become irrelevant many times. There are sharks in the M&A world who tire out the opponents by just not letting any decision happen. And when the other party gets mentally very weak and is mood-out, then they move to make the kill.

Management by Moods will find its place amongst Management by Objectives, Management by Walking About, Management by Technology, et al.

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