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My tryst with “A” grade

Posted by itheabsolute on December 10, 2005

I had this nagging fear that I may leave ISB without an A grade on my transcript. That fear ended today with my getting an A in one course. This was not an aspiration but just a fancy. Not an aspiration because to get “As” one has to have a modicum of intelligence (lots of it will also do), loads of hard work and an uncanny ability to handle the exam per se. I think I have the first. But about the second and third, I am quite bad. Relatively, that is. See, when I don’t have two of the three required attributes, there is no way I would get “As”. Hence I was quite willing to settle with one. Any other A from now on will be pure and simple fun.

Not having As can be a dangerous affair if one is aiming consulting or IB jobs. Even if one is not aiming for these jobs, it is not a good idea not to work towards As. Nor is it any good to aim at As only to get into these jobs. A good understanding of the concepts and ability to relate them with what’s happening in the market should be the real object of study. This approach will get one the required grades and also the coveted jobs.

PS: I hope that my experience in the corporate world and my extensive reading will bail me out in getting the job I want. Notwithstanding my grades.

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