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ISB Ahoy!

Posted by itheabsolute on December 6, 2005

The Head of Global Leadership Institute of UBS, who interacted with us last Friday, has sent a mail to our HR professor. Inter alia, he writes the following to our Prof.

“………………………………You can express to the students that I would rate this group of people in the top 8-10 classes globally that I have had the opportunity to address. They will certainly be great ambassadors for ISB.”

A great compliment from a person of some stature. Indeed the students posed fantastic questions as if they had seen it all. What makes ISB great is the student body, which has amidst it a rich array of experience and thoughts. I see mails in yahoo groups questioning the credentials of ISB. This comment from the UBS senior person should allay many of the apprehensions.

I will repeat what I had earlier said in one of my posts –Every institution takes time to mature. Harvards, Whartons and IIMs have decades of history behind them. Given that ISB is only four years old, what it has achieved is spectacular. Having said that, I will also close this with a caveat – everyone has to own his career. Career planning cannot and should not be outsourced – even to a fine b-school. Once this is realized, then what is learnt at a b-school like ISB can be quite fructifying.

5 Responses to “ISB Ahoy!”

  1. aravindrs said

    Goldman Sachs has announced $1 mn to ISB. It’s a clear indication of the growing recognition and popularity of ISB. I feel ISB should be treated atleast on par with IITs and IIMs… We need many more ISBs in India.


  2. Anuj said

    Thanks for the info 🙂 I am sure impressed with whoever I have met. its just that i heard some ppl talk the other way too.. so wanted to hear form u as u wuld know it much better.

  3. anuj

    we have all kinds of people. but one thing is common- each one is good in his/her own way. each one has some unique proposition to offer. if someone is good in quants, then there is one who is not good in quant, but supremely creative. which one do you want to call cream. i dont think there is any effort to pick the cream (actually there is none) to represent ISB.

    if you are referring to just academics, then yes, there are some superhumans and some primates. but MBA experience transcends academics.


    thanks for the comments.


  4. Anonymous said

    Thats a great post.

    I have one comment on yours if not taken as out of context. Any b-school tries to take in the best they can. Of course there will be ppl who may be average because not every one is alike and for that matter I don’t think any b-school can have all the best in the world. I think that you should look at whether you can stand on your own against the so called cream of ISB. If yes, you should try for the best. If not, then you have something to think upon!


  5. Anuj said

    Hi Vijay, this post of your brings up an interesting point I had been pondering on. I have attended the info session and had met up with few ISBians.. I attended the health care summit and I was really impressed by the students that time too. Of all the ppl I have met or I know of.. thru blogs or direct contacts most of them have been really good profile guys who culd have gone to any of the top B schools in the world. But at the same time I have heard ppl say that ISB does have a cream and its the same set of guys who you wuld see everywhere.. take them out and most of others are just average. ?? Now I have not met all so I am not sure how far is this true. Wuld be great if you can comment on this ?

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