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ISB Ahoy!

Posted by itheabsolute on December 6, 2005

The Head of Global Leadership Institute of UBS, who interacted with us last Friday, has sent a mail to our HR professor. Inter alia, he writes the following to our Prof.

“………………………………You can express to the students that I would rate this group of people in the top 8-10 classes globally that I have had the opportunity to address. They will certainly be great ambassadors for ISB.”

A great compliment from a person of some stature. Indeed the students posed fantastic questions as if they had seen it all. What makes ISB great is the student body, which has amidst it a rich array of experience and thoughts. I see mails in yahoo groups questioning the credentials of ISB. This comment from the UBS senior person should allay many of the apprehensions.

I will repeat what I had earlier said in one of my posts –Every institution takes time to mature. Harvards, Whartons and IIMs have decades of history behind them. Given that ISB is only four years old, what it has achieved is spectacular. Having said that, I will also close this with a caveat – everyone has to own his career. Career planning cannot and should not be outsourced – even to a fine b-school. Once this is realized, then what is learnt at a b-school like ISB can be quite fructifying.

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