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Distance gives perspective

Posted by itheabsolute on December 4, 2005

Consulting and Investment Banking interviews are amongst the toughest. While all those that prepare for these interviews will not get through and find their dream roles, preparing for these interviews will never hurt. Because by preparing for these interviews, one is prepared for all other interviews. The preparation will also ensure that the person does a recap of the entire courses.

Yash, a colleague and consulting job aspirant, essays to profile mock case interview experiences and other must-know details to appear for consulting interviews. He has started a blog to capture these. His efforts will be supported by various others preparing for consulting interviews. Have a peek into the blog at Consulting@ISB. If you are a consulting aspirant, be sure to bookmark this page.


To continue, I am quite compelled to write about the power of the context. The reference to the topic is not the first time, nor will it be the last. Bill Gates is the richest. How much do I care? His riches do not inspire me to improve my performance. But, if my neighbor wins a lottery or gets a promotion, I will spend some time thinking about it. If a D sectioner gets all “A” grade in all core courses, I really would not care. But if my group mate gets a few marks above mine, I would start worrying. The influence of context can never be overestimated. Why do half of the students on campus wants to get into consulting? Not sure, if all of them have answers to the questions – why consulting; does your profile fit with consulting, et al. But resisting from the temptation to apply / prepare is something which is difficult to achieve. And the temptation is supplied by the context – 200 students who are applying for consulting jobs.

Let us fast forward. Six months after graduation. A person did not make it to consulting, but joined another industry. What would his priorities be? Consulting will be last on his mind. His priorities will be to benchmark with the best guy “around” and surpass him. Or something similar. Such is the power of context.

Distance gives perspective. It is quite important to distance oneself from the context to be able to make the right decision. Another of the easier said than done types.

PS: The title was drawn from a sentence in Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

3 Responses to “Distance gives perspective”

  1. Amit

    even in the physical sense it does. distancing oneself from the situation to observe it pretty difficult, which skill if someone could deploy easily, would become very effective

    dear V

    thanks a ton. these comments give me all the patience and strength in the world to put my thoughts to writing.


  2. Anonymous said

    You’re blog never ceases to amaze me with its wonderful insights!


  3. Amit said

    Distance gives perspective.. humm interesting comment.

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