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After sometime…..everyone becomes his job

Posted by itheabsolute on November 27, 2005

As a child, I used to wonder when people asked me what my dad was and got a reply from me that was always wrong for them. I used to say, my father is my father, a man, a person. What else, for god’s sake? No. they wanted to know what my father’s job was. But then why should they ask what he was. They could ask me what his job was. But then I did not know then that, when we grow up, we become our jobs. Hence the question… what are you?

Btw, I was a banker. Dunno, what ISB will make of me. Hopefully, a person.

PS: I got inspired by a line from Taxi Driver starring Robert De Nero / directed by Martin Scorsese

3 Responses to “After sometime…..everyone becomes his job”

  1. Anonymous said

    There was a powerpoint presentation on leadership from Jack Welsch. One point was that a man should be sperate from his job. That way even after retirement he retains self esteem (from Raghu)

  2. thanks Ankur. i was just hoping that people wont conclude that i have gone mad.


  3. ankur said

    awesome…this post was so amazing…so profound that it could be misunderstood as trivial…


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