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Wear your attitude

Posted by itheabsolute on November 23, 2005

People who have read the book, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell would be aware of the theory that it really does not take a lot of time to form opinions about people. Usually not more than the time it takes, as Gladwell says, to blink. It is a different matter how many times such opinions turn out to be correct. It depends on the person who is forming opinion. If the instincts that kept his company during pre-historic times are hardwired in him, then more often than not, that person makes a right call. And that in a blink.

But how about the person about whom opinion is being formed. How can it be formed so soon? It is not all that hard. As a person wears his dress, he wears his attitude too. If skills, knowledge and experience are the inside of a personality, attitude is the outside. If it is important to work on what is latent, it is equally important to work on what is patent. Attitude is the window to one’s personality. It is good to wear the right attitude and be sure about which one we are wearing.

One Response to “Wear your attitude”

  1. K A said

    I agree with you except that I feel *Attitude is not the window to one’s personality*. Attiude is not what others perceive but what you project.

    I believe instead of letting others peep in you should project it 🙂

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