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Amidst the finest

Posted by itheabsolute on November 16, 2005

As if the deluge of work and complete disarray were not enough, the body refused to go ahead and broke down with fever and sundry problems. I lost two complete days; did not attend five classes and am left with a huge backlog. There are four large assignments and one exam due in the next one week. There is no better way to manage life here than being just one thing – organized. If one cannot, then better not be here. Back at job one may have a secretary or team members or juniors who can bail one out or compensate for lack of organization. Here there is no provision for proxy. Even if one is organized, how can one prevent some illness during one complete year? Epsilon factor, also called luck, has to favor.

There is no point cribbing. Everyone gets 24 hours and an equal chance. Have to appreciate the efforts of my colleagues who have been getting mostly first, rarely second prizes in all the b-school competitions across India. These people, apart from their regular work, are able to participate in these competitions and win prizes. Some of them are organizing various events for the tour de force called Poseidon, ISB’s inter b-school flagship event. A dozen of them are going all the way to the US to participate in Thunderbird’s innovation challenge finals. ISB is the only b-school in the history of the competition to have two teams selected for the finals.

The entire experience of being amongst these people, each great in his/her own way, is a humbling experience. As much as it is a reason for motivation. Come tomorrow, the unwellness will soon be forgotten and I will also start running with them.

5 Responses to “Amidst the finest”

  1. hi whoozline

    long time. how has life been. good to know u r reaching closer to your graduation.


    thanks buddy. hope u used the word potion in a positive sense 🙂


    thanks for the wishes


    good to know someone misses my posts. thanks for the wishes


  2. Anonymous said


    Wondered why there were no posts these dayz. Get well soon…


  3. Indranil said

    Get well soon Vijay !
    Best of luck for the assignments and exam next week !

  4. Amit said

    Get well soon Vijay. But dont stop your potion of wisdom for us in the meanwhile. 🙂

  5. Hey Vijay

    All the best for a speedy comeback. Hope you feel better and good luck on the exams.


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