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DB escapade

Posted by itheabsolute on November 9, 2005

Deutsche Bank came to campus yesterday. It will in all likelihood pick up two candidates. One of them for New York. The roles being offered are in Sales & Trading division. About 7-10 people flew from London office to interview candidates. Three of them Managing Directors. DB is a great firm because it makes such great efforts to shortlist candidates. It gets the best people and hence remains a great company. The guys/girls who will get selected will make loads of money in the form of bonuses. Sales & Trading guys get the best bonuses for any industry across the world.

The fun about DB’s visit was – thought I did not apply, DB officials wanted to meet me (they wanted to see some 10 people who had not applied. They picked our names from the student profile which is circulated to all recruiters). I had a choice of saying no. But since I would get an interview experience if I attended I sent my resume. Thanks to it, I progressed on my resume well. The interview (was it one?) lasted for two minutes. It was with one of the Managing Directors of DB based out of London. He asked me why I did not apply. I said the role being offered was not something I was looking for. He asked me what I was looking for. I explained a role which I felt befit my experience and skills and said if that is on offer then I would consider. He said they are not offering such role now. We shook our hands and bid good bye. So much for interview experience.

Nothing goes waste. I earned my own share of popularity on the campus for this escapade of saying no to DB. While flipping through books and browsing the web to get a hang of what IB interviews would be like, I came across a few important things required to be done during interview prep. DB interview also motivated me to accept invitation to join a group to start preparations for interviews (group comprising two Chartered Accountants, one IIT and I).

4 Responses to “DB escapade”

  1. Anonymous said

    ok ..
    my intenions are different.
    i assumed one thing here:
    if vijay wants , he can as well work for and could have got the offer by the art of convincing if he choose to 🙂 when i appreciated him , i did it for his guts to choose his way although he has a lot to loose in terms of the brand name of the company and the monetary benefits attached with the offer.

    i hope i am clear now and will try to improve on my assumptions part of my presentation skills. thanks for your input sk.


  2. yup. there was no offer to me. actualy cant call what happened between us an interview…..

    there are no shortlists either. about 4-5 people have been given positive statements, of which 2-3 have a likelihood of making. the names mentioned are among them.


  3. SK said

    Dear Sirkanth,

    1. Read the blog with a lil bit more concentration

    2. Vijay was never given an offer

    3. DB has not yet given an offer and it is not supposed to, till Feb 06

    4. Two ppl have been shortlisted
    (a) An… W…
    (b) Anjali …

    and if u r wondering… No I am not from ISB 😉 I got this info from ISB Blogs.

    Vijay what say U?

  4. Anonymous said

    Hi Vijay,

    Good one !!!
    Liked your guts to reject such a good offer.
    Really as u said to know what one wants in life a break is really necessary and if it an ISB break it will really help i think.
    i am coming to ISB this sunday for an introductive session.Looking forward for it very eagerly.

    u didn’t tell , how many people did DB recruit ?


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