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Finance Electives- a tough terrain

Posted by itheabsolute on October 25, 2005

• Deutsche Bank is coming to campus for recruitment. DB will pick up a guy/girl or two for NY/London/Singapore office for its sales & trading division in global markets. Though DB can interview now, it can give offer letters only in Feb. Last time DB picked up a person. This person has left some interview tapes to help the coming batches prepare for the interviews. He had gone through eleven rounds of interviews, of which 7-8 seem to be technical. He was grilled about iota to the power of iota, stochastic calculus, and all the complex math that one can imagine. Btw, the position is Sr Analyst but well paying one. Which all students are applying? A lot of them. I am not. Two things, one the role does not fit with my profile, nor do I want to be in Investment Banking. Even if I applied, don’t think I will ever understand what an iota to the power of iota is. I don’t think I will ever want to understand that as well. My guess is that an IIT guy will end up with the job. Please read have and havenots .

• Finance subjects were the most popular electives before bidding. Now with the classes having started and the difficulty of the course sinking in, the subjects are the most hated. People regret not having opted for Leadership & Change Management or Marketing. And when umpteen assignments are packed into one weekend, such thoughts of “if only I had taken Marketing, etc “are common. With core courses over, there is a huge change in the way students have started to look at the entire course. There is a certain amount of informality and take it easiness around. But the academic office and the Profs are doing their own jobs and quite seriously. Given that the program is a one-year one, any amount of laxity can be dangerous and the administration at ISB knows about this pretty well.Btw, I am specializing in general management.

• In past I have worked on my resume many times. It is a one pager. I have tried to use powerful verbs and captured the role and impact I had created at each job quite succinctly. I have received good comments about the quality of it.But when I looked at the resume, now that I have the benefit of having attended BCG session on CV making, I found my resume still lacking the punch I want it to have. I feel that I have to work at least a month on the resume. Notwithstanding my popular resume making tips post on this blog.

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