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Hope springs eternal in human breast

Posted by itheabsolute on October 16, 2005

Oh, I love this place. But for the guys here at ISB who blogged and spoke about “the Shawshank Redemption”, I perhaps would have never watched, even heard of, this movie. I just had one feeling watching this movie – wish it dint end.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching great DVD collection at ISB. I enjoyed reading the great books that adorn our library equally. What I gather of these is that a man is not complete without reading the literature, particularly English, and traveling, mainly to Asia, Europe and South America. How else would one know that Mexicans think that the Pacific does not have memory; how the Roman Empire declined; why men can vibe with dolphins so well; why Australians don wanna work after 5 pm; why only a few, such as Asoka, Peter, Akbar, Frederick, Alexander, are labeled “the great”; how religion and the concept of God originated from the one mystery man could never understand – death; why Voltairean irreverence is the extreme form of irreverence, why a popular hymn called gayatri mantra, addressed to a sun god, savitir, is thought to be addressed to the goddess gayitri; why philosophers, who held sway over the entire gamut of knowledge till about a couple of centuries ago, are no longer seen as the saviors of the world; how social Darwinism seems to be true to some sections of the society……………………………………………….While life is incomplete without reading and traveling, it isn’t enough to read and travel all either.

What would I do if I dint have to work for a living? This question has bothered me for a very long time. Not that I can afford not to work now. But when I earn enough to live life without having to work, then, will I stop wanting to earn more and do what I want to do.

I want to read, travel and write. This is my hope!


1. the title of this post is a remark made by Pope John Paul, the second.
2. btw, I don’t have any answer to the question, why does any one have to know all those that I have mentioned. I feel / will feel better knowing them.

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