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Psychological determinism or free will ?

Posted by itheabsolute on September 21, 2005

Today, a classmate made a comment to the other – let me make my choice. Why should any one succumb to peer pressure or social constraints? Why should we approximate our actions to meet others’ expectation? I like it when people exercise free will and feel comfortable about it. I have made at least one big (offbeat) decision in the personal side of my life and have not succumbed to any kind of pressure from anyone. I made the decision not because it was offbeat, but because I felt strongly convinced about it despite the fact that this decision is not acceptable to many people around me. It is my life and I wanted to make my choice. When she made this comment today, I felt good because I knew I had company – there are people here who are willing to be their own.

This week we had a new Prof teaching us the second part of Management of Organization. She has spent much of her time teaching us “psychological determinism”. She showed us videos and gave us many readings, which show that there are two things to which we are slaves.

• Self-fulfilling prophecy=Keep saying that you are good everyday and every hour of life to yourself. Most likely you will become good.

• The phenomenon of “seeing what we want to see” and “hearing what we want to hear” =People make impression / form opinion about people / issues and then pick up only those pieces of information that substantiate their impression / opinion.

Given that there is this strong force of psychological determinism driving our behavior, how correct am I in claiming that I exercise free will. Am I really making my choices?

5 Responses to “Psychological determinism or free will ?”

  1. give a little time for urself. b alone for sometime. u need time to think. u will make choices which u think are better for urself. but dont let go of ur wanting/ ability to make ur own choice. it is ur own life. and remember u live only once.

    all the best.

  2. Anonymous said

    so excited to be appreciated…that too in public!!
    the narcisist in me is very pleased.
    And its great that you appreciated the principle behind what I said even though my choice was clearly a bad one 🙂

  3. Hi

    Yup. It is TINA DACIN.


  4. Is the prof you mentioned in ur blog Tine Dacin from Queen’s school of Business.?

  5. Anonymous said

    Is the prof you mentioned in ur blog Tine Dacin from Queen’s school of Business.?

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