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Posted by itheabsolute on September 12, 2005

Which is a good way to network? Is networking good at all?

Initially, I thought that one needs to network in a big way. Say hello to everyone, acquaint with one and all, and build a huge database of names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses. But as I thought about it and tried to practise it, two things constantly came in the way of it. One, my own nature of not really being an extreme schmoozer; two, the benefits of such networking did not really convince me.

As I thought more about it, I realized that when I am in position of importance, network would happen around me. Is it that people only who want to take advantage of me will network around me and people who would matter to me would not be a part of the network? Not necessarily. When I am in a position of importance, people whose help I may need will not mind coming forward to help. Because they know that when they need my help I will reciprocate. Are benefits (personal or professional) the only reason for networking? Absolutely, yes.

At the same time, I am not advocating a style where making acquaintance is a no-no. Acquaintances – made when one himself is not in a position where he can give something in return – will not matter when one needs them the most. A few strong friendships are better than a large network of acquaintances.

As far as friendships and making a big circle of friends goes, I would further prefer making “someone one” happiest than trying to make many around happy. Life is much more fulfilling when I concentrate my affection on one person than spread it across people. I am okay as long as I know who that one person is.

Networking, just for the sake of it, may, after all, be not the best thing. The time invested in networking may be better used somewhere else. Think about it!

7 Responses to “Networking”

  1. hi all

    thanks for the encouragement.


    hi anon1

    will try and sound better in the posts to come. the language definitely did not betray my feelings/thinking.



    thanks for ur views. sure people below u in the hierarchy matter too. without them one can never become a good manager.


  2. sundeep tibrewal said

    networking is also closely linked with hierarchy. One tends to network or build relationship only with peers and superiors so as exchange benefit(s) or in the hope of it.

    But it is not a bad idea to keep in touch or network with people in the lower level(s) in the hierarchy. They could be your potential team members, your “soldiers” whom you can rely upon that they will stick to your orders and vision.

    Also there are many evil network out there and it is necessary to network with the right,good and powerful kind of people to counter such evil networks….

  3. Anonymous said

    Bingo! Couldn’t put it better… I agree with you that you should not say no to any aquaintance. Like Raju says….who knows!…your aquaintance may become your powerful ally. Love your work vijay.

  4. Anonymous said

    exactly my thoughts at this point of time in life, vijay. im also in a b-skool first year, where evryone is harping about the importance of n/w ing. but, i too prefer ‘relationship building’ to n/w ing.


  5. Yep…… I did not know that you have this “deep” and “intensive” feeling for me!

  6. Anonymous said

    I smell a slight snobishness in your writing style with this blog item. Beware !!!

  7. completely agree with you dude….. i like ur postings… keep going…

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