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Posted by itheabsolute on September 7, 2005

There is no reality in the world. There are only perceptions. The perceptions are colored by the experiences that we have gone through. We usually hear what we want to; see what we want to. Even when we see something new, it is only an interpretation of our own view of the world.

I have to go. I want to go.

The difference in the above sentences is not just lexical. The difference refers to the way we have come to think. Even where the latter sentence is appropriate, we use the former. Many things in life are done voluntarily, not perforce. But the language that we use is so much structured in the ‘compulsion’ paradigm that repeated usage of such language reinforces that we are living in a world where free will is absent

Have heard of many definitions of Economics, but one which most appealed to me was – it is a study of incentives. How appropriate! Economics is all about individual incentives. People make choices, which sometimes may appear not beneficial to themselves, but only end up maximizing their incentives. Giving a tip to a waiter at a restaurant to which we may never return may make our wallet lighter, but will surely make our hearts lighter too.

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