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Posted by itheabsolute on September 6, 2005

I have been getting mails seeking certain clarifications and advice on profiles. While I will try and reply to each one individually, I request that all prospective applicants read the blogs of the ISB students to get an idea of what life is like at ISB. The best site to get access to all the blogs of ISB students is this : Bharani

I will also encourage the applicants to read the following posts in which I have tried to cover some generic questions. Sometimes, too much of analyses leads to analysis paralysis and the probability of action drops significantly. It is important not to give a deaf ear to the gut feel / intuition part of our being. While you do all the analyses, I will urge you to hear to the feeble, yet prognostic, voice of your inner-self. Sometimes decisions ought to be made from the gut, not from the cerebrum.

The philosophical underpinnings of Why MBA

Playing Richard Montauk

Resume Making


NPV of an MBA

Some Existential Questions

MBA Experience

Wishing Godspeed for the applicants on their applications.

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Posted by itheabsolute on September 6, 2005

ISB is participating in the World MBA tour in the US. The following are the details of the date / time / place / venue

11 September 1300-1700 Los Angeles Wilshire Grand

13 September 1800-2100 S Frisco Hyatt

15 September 1800-2100 Seattle Bell Harbor Intl Center

17 September 1400-1800 NY Hilton

25 September 1400-1800 Toronto Metro Toronto Convention Center

01 October 1300-1700 Houston Hilton

Mr Menon, the director of Admissions & Financial Aid, will be at these venues.

In case any prospective applicant is from these cities / the US , please use the opportunity to get clarifications from the man himself.

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