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Six Steps to Greatness

Posted by itheabsolute on August 27, 2005

The last session of Leadership Development Program was held today. Prof Rajeshwar is simply brilliant. Some of the students tend to view the entire program as waste of time. The Prof has given some tools which I strongly believe can be used to develop oneself. If world was made of equations, then it is a different story. World is made of people and when an individual is at the centre of it, imagine the benefits that can accrue by developing oneself. Today, he gave the last but the not the least effective set of tools. These may sound simplistic, but they are not. Some of them may sound pueurile, but the overall effect of following these can be far reaching.

1. Reverse the way you get out of bed – the summary of what he said was, man is a creature of habit. The first thoughts in the morning are those that were thought at night. By managing habits, one can get effective
2. Look for good in other people – not easy because we have a greater propensity to look at bad than good. But this can be consciously developed. This can be developed as a habit.
3. Learn to greet people – show energy. Sometimes it may appear to be pretense but sooner than later it will become essence
4. Establish some symbols – concentrate on it to derive inner peace and clarify one’s thoughts and feelings. it can be god, or any other form, from which one can derive some strength. Usually it is god for many people.
5. Take care of yourself physically – most neglected. It is imperative that the mind has a proper body to execute.
6. Feed your mind with the right stuff – what u feed the mind with is what it will give back. Read books, be with better people, see proper programs on TV, etc (read GIGO )

6 Responses to “Six Steps to Greatness”

  1. hi A {male}

    am told that there is a problem with the layout when the blog is opened in firefox. need to work on it. dont know how to though.



  2. A said

    dont know if you realised this – or someone told this to you before, but your left panel gets a little distorted because of the google ads. interestingly though, it happens only in the Firefox browser, and not in IE. Maybe some of your IT friends can help sort this out ?

    Nice blog – some good work here.

    A {male}

  3. hi anonymous (he / she ? 🙂 )

    u flatter me.

    thanks for the encouragement.


  4. hi mitika



  5. Anonymous said

    Your blog rocks because of its unique identity..a la AR Rahman’s music! Your maturity shows in your words! I check your blog at least twice a day!:-)

  6. Mitika said


    I really like the way you sum up your days here at school. Its nice to read easy takeaways.

    It made a great read:)

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