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Busyness of life

Posted by itheabsolute on June 20, 2005

This weekend has been more hectic than I had imagined. The article that I submitted to Business week as my entry for MBA journal took up good amount of time. A good friend was not in good mood. Spent a couple of evenings in trying to discuss the business issues that were plaguing his mind and bring him back to normal. There was an economics assignment to work on. It was not a difficult one but an irritant nonetheless. Had to short-list a topic for our Competitive Strategy assignment. Short-listed HDFC Bank’s strategy as a case for our study. Both these were group assignments and this time our group dynamics were much better resulting in positive vibes, agreement on issues and tangible output. Had another couple of individual assignments and scores of pre-reading.

Coming back to the Business week article, I am told that about ten students from ISB have submitted their articles. Whichever article is selected will add to spreading the cause of ISB – that is trying to reach wider audience and getting applicants from all walks of life and regions of the world enthused about the program.

What is good about this term is that I am feeling much more confident. My class participation has gone up and I seem to be able to relate well to the subjects in this term. Some of the topics that have been covered have potential to be applied immediately in the business context (have been trying to help a friend and wife in their business).

Watched a movie called ‘Parineeta’. The protagonist (was he?) of the film sees and believes what he wants to and screws up his personal life but finally garners courage to pull himself out of the mess. This again reinforced my belief that much of life happens between ears, in our minds. People live a world, which may not be real but made of perceptions, beliefs, etc. And tend to keep seeing, hearing and reading only those things that would reinforce their existing beliefs.

PS: Come out with my IPO – check the picture which captures the face behind the blog.

12 Responses to “Busyness of life”

  1. Pani said

    Gud luck with the article.

    I hope you will make it!.

  2. Pani said

    Gud luck with the article.

  3. hi amit

    thanks. wish your predictions came true.


  4. hi anon2

    thanks for your encouraging support to my blog.


  5. parveen

    since i dont come to canteen to have my lunch/dinner, the chances our bumping in is small. hope to catch up with u soon. thanks


  6. hi anon

    thanks. docstor advised that given the increased reading, glasses are a must. i am slightly myopic in the right eye. but restrict wearing them only when i am reading, which is most of the time


  7. Hi Whoozline

    thanks for ur wishes


  8. Amit said

    Great to see your IPO. I am very bullish about your stock & predict that it will touch historic highs near Feb 06. :p . atb with BW.

  9. Anonymous said

    nice to see your face vijay..not even a single day i missed your blog..

  10. Parveen Leekha said

    Dear Vijay,
    Nice to see your pic on the blog. Its an irony that I’m still not able to meet you while being on the same campus. ood luck for your business week articles and I’m pretty hopeful that you will make in.

  11. Anonymous said

    Gud luck with the article.

    What is it that I see in the photograph? Have you developed the need for reading glasses?? Take Care.

  12. Goodluck with the Business Week article!

    Nice to put a ‘face’ to the blog!

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