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Brain Fag

Posted by itheabsolute on June 2, 2005

• The more I try to push into the brain, the more it rejects out. If I don’t give a gap of 15 – 30 minutes for every two hours of study, the brain refuses to take anything in. It in fact confuses what has already been taken and makes the entire effort worthless. It is important to identify one’s one threshold of intake and customize learning accordingly. The pressure of MBA education teaches many things – one gets to identify one’s own limitation, strengths, and interests.

• Today, both marketing and accounting classes for Term I ended. Tomorrow, Econ and Stats would end, with which our Term I ends (but for exams). I felt that the time available for study and understanding of the concepts was less. But that is a trade-off one makes in a one-year MBA program. For prospective applicants / students -it makes a lot of sense to come prepared for the Term 1 subjects. By the end of Term I, one nonetheless gets wiser, as I assume I have gotten. One would learn to handle the work load, one’s own learning system and expectations from the course.

• We have a four day break between terms. Some of the people will travel to home towns. Some will like to unwind before the hectic schedule of term II envelopes us. Some want to explore the unexplored resources at and around ISB. What do I want to do? A few movies, meet friends and of course spend good time with parents. These will take away 50 % of the time available. The rest of the time to get myself enrolled in a couple of co-curricular activities which I am keen to pursue; to revise Term I subjects; get a hang of Term II subjects…….Hey, but there are only 96 hours in 4 days.

It makes me realize how much time I used to waste when I had plenty of it.

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  1. Hi Viz,

    Is your mobile no changed? I called up on the mobile, they said it is wrong no. Let me know the new no.

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