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The relevance of GMAT……..

Posted by itheabsolute on June 1, 2005

• What is a subject when a normal brain cannot comprehend? Multiple regression is an awesome tool that a manager can have. Decision making can get very precise. I can think of so many instances where decisions were inappropriate because data was not properly interpreted. Regression is a treat to a logical mind. But, there is more to it. The concept is difficult to comprehend, at least for me. Give me data modeled by regression, I can get close to interpreting; try and make decisions. Give me data and ask me to model one, sure, I cannot. But why should I worry. I am not going to go to a role where I would be required to ‘do’ regression per se. Good enough if I can make out what is being presented and ask some smart questions. Before that I will need to clear the stats exam. Will I? My marks in the mid-term gave me a scare. Contrary to my expectations I did not fare as well as I had thought I would.

• I don’t know why b-schools get so particular about GMAT. If my GMAT score was any representation of my quant ability, and thus performance at b-school, then I should be having a rocking time here. Far from it. My 720 was driven more by my verbal score and not necessarily math. I don’t find any correlation between the score and my own performance. Am I the exception? Don’t think so. Or is it that as the time passes by, I will start doing well justifying my GMAT score.

• The entire milieu at ISB is eerie. With exams just 5 days away, recreation centre and other popular spots look deserted. More people are missing morning classes; more of those attending are dozing off in the class. Thankfully, the Profs don’t mind students sleeping. I guess they would intervene if the students get to snoring. I also see pale faces going about the campus. Mine included. Most of the souls are worried about Eco and Stats. Not necessarily because they are tough; but because they are closed book exams. Marketing and Accounting will be open book exams.

2 Responses to “The relevance of GMAT……..”

  1. hi anon

    agree with u. getting data should is a big issue. i come from banking industry, where data are reasonably quick to obtain and are relatively error free


  2. Anonymous said

    The biggest problem in the real world is getting representative data and unfortunately that is not being taught. Modeling this data is relatively easy and interpreting data I am sure is a cakewalk(comparatively)..

    The organizations that do well should concentrate on collecting geniune data..The easy part of modeling the data and interpreting can be left to statisticians (ofcourse under guidance of the domain expert) What say????

    –A fellow MBA student

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