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Haves and Have-nots

Posted by itheabsolute on May 15, 2005

There are haves and have-nots here at ISB. Reference is not to economic quotient, but intelligence quotient.

Haves are having a ball of a time. One can see them loitering at the Atrium, playing football or cheering their teams, going out into the city, watching DVDs, having booze. What not, what more. To finish assignments, they take about a fourth of a time needed for the Have-nots.

Have-nots are having a tough time. Economics equations are taking life out of them. Couple this with the tension of preparing for a marketing case and statistics mid-term on 20th. Where can one find them? Only in their respective rooms. At best (or worst), in others rooms clarifying doubts.

Haves are Sharks and Have-nots are Poets (refer to blog of March 17)

This however does not mean that all those found loitering or having booze or watching DVDs are Haves. There are Have-nots who have all the time to do what they want to do. They still submit the assignments and get marks. Some are okay with just getting a degree and some other figure out the secret of how to submit correct assignments without really having to slog.


Students are grouping themselves into all the imaginable and unimaginable teams. A person may belong to just one group to which he relates or may belong to many groups based on pedigree and future aspiration.

 Chartered Accounts (they should have exempted us from accounting class)
 IITians (number crunching machines)
 Engineers
 Infosians (we last worked there. but never want to go back)
 Wiproites
 IT-wallahs
 Above 10 year experienced (to figure out what jobs they can chase)
 Wannabe Consultants (200 of us)
 Marketers
 Studied Abroad (we have the same accent. easy to talk to)
 Just back NRIs (worked abroad)
 Mumbaikars
 Delhi-wallas (Oh god, Hyderabad. Delhi far better)
 Locals
 Tamil
 Mandatory study groups (given an opportunity the first group from which many want to break)
 Soccer players
 Wannabe golfers
 Aspiring polyglots
 SV 1 guys (Student Village 1 guys have had some rough time. Hence the solidarity)
 SV 2 guys (we live there. Good reason to feel belonged)
 Married
 Married with children (have pity on us)
 Smokers (where do we search when we need a light)
 Boozers (economies of scale)
 Film buffs

There are 340 students. Wont surprise if the types of groupings cross this number.

Post Scriptum:
After a long gap between graduation and now, the mind has no clue on how to orient to an organized learning program. The adjustment is painful and long draw. You guessed it right. I belong to Have-nots.

7 Responses to “Haves and Have-nots”

  1. sudhir said

    thx a lot vijay for ur cooperation


  2. Hi Sudhir

    am not a CA. there are about 15 CAs in this batch. need to chk with them before i can share their mail IDs. U may want to write to me at vijaymulbagal@yahoo.com, so that i can forward the mail to a CA and ask him to get back to u.

    trust that will help


  3. Anonymous said

    hey hii i am sudhir i am a chartered accountant and planning 2 apply for isb next yr ru a CA or if u can let me know of a person who is a CA so that i can clarrify some of my doubts


  4. hi mansi

    tough question. but most of things in life follow normal distribution, meaning that extremely intelligent guys are rare, intelligent guys are decent in number, average guys are more, extremely dull guys are rare. this is only about pure IQ. many people make up for lack of extreme intelligence by hard work, smart work, etc. the haves cannot be more than 40-50, at best. the rest have-nots, at worst.

  5. Hi Bharani

    From ur blog i gather the activities u do. i also gather that you are able to crack the problems on ur own. u surely fall in haves category. cheer up and continue the good work


  6. mansi said

    wud luv to know the percentage of both haves & have-nots

  7. Anonymous said

    Beautiful Post…

    I sometimes feel like Have-not and sometimes feel like Have. Depends on the subject and situation. Yesterday I felt like Haves and today I am feeling like Have-not!! Which category do I belong to…:-)


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