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Is change possible?

Posted by itheabsolute on May 10, 2005

At ISB, a few skills, I will surely add. But will the experience change me. The Prof who heads the Leadership Development Program mentions that trauma effects change and the ISB experience, because of its intensive nature, borders on trauma as its impact. But, is change really possible?

Many of us have met a lot of other members of the ISB community. But we chose as friends or mates who are more or less as we are. Or rather those who could empathize with our view point. Or at least those with whome we shared some commonality, such as the same school, college, town, etc. If we have made a group based on our past experiences, it is likely that we will continue developing the personality molded by our past experiences rather than break the path and reinvent ourselves. Lest I should be called cynical, I also mention that the choice of the group is not necessarily conscious; it is rather very sub-conscious, almost subtle. We scanned the people for a few days and then settled around a person or a group of persons based on one or more of above parameters.

Having said that, if we don’t try to change, then change is surely impossible. But this needs resolve; this requires ability to introspect and respond to situations in a completely different fashion from what we would otherwise normally do or have been doing. ISB experience, so far, has provided such situations to which if we respond differently, change can be managed.

Post Scriptum: One reason why I started a blog is to follow my thinking. Though I tend to be impulsive in my thought, a deep psychological structure controls what I think or what my impulses are. As I had earlier mentioned I am okay with being labeled inconsistent than being labeled unchanging. I really hope that by the time I graduate I pick up the “ability to choose my response to situations”. To me, change is about this.

3 Responses to “Is change possible?”

  1. Hi Viz,

    What you said is true. Birds of same feather fling together.

    Keep Sailing

  2. Hi Amit

    thanks for the feedback. Amazon link is a source of revenue. let me chk if it can be moved somewhere.


  3. Amit said

    I like your posts.. But those banners on the left hand side of your blog are a pain for the eye.. wonder whats the purpose of keeping em there ??

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