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The ghost of math

Posted by itheabsolute on May 5, 2005

 My difficulty to deal with numbers is getting the better of me. When I completed my bachelors, I thought I had permanently banished the ghost of math. Today after many years, math is back haunting me. I cannot progress a bit in my first term if I cannot get myself to improve in math. Economics has math; Statistics needs math. Marketing and Accounting are well understood only if you are good at math. I am dealing with it and hope to get the better of it.

 Economics turns out to be my favorite subject. It is the base of all other disciplines that we will study. I wish we had psychology and philosophy, even more fundamental than economics, as a part of curriculum. All thought, perception and experience emerge out of the mind of the man. Know psychology and one can become a better economist, a better marketer, strategist, etc. What not; what more.

 The biggest obstacle in having a smooth ride during the coming days is my own mind. Just reining it to focus and extract maximum from the lectures, reading and group work is the most important activity for me in the coming days. Once it gets used to being focused, then learning would become easy. This will take another 7-10 days.

 ISB had a psychotherapist all year last year. This year she will be around for about a couple of months. But there will be an in-house counselor available for advice and pep talk. Yeah, the stress levels could go high. People have cheated; have gone to the verge of depression, had had panic attacks. Things could get very nasty if we don’t manage ourselves. To further manage study and work, that is.

 Btw, in our classroom, we have to sit for the entire term at a pre-determined place. This is to enable the Prof easily identify us and if tomorrow there is rating for ‘class participation’ then not confuse ,say, me with someone else and give in/appropriate marks. Class Participation is about asking doubts and answering questions if the Prof Cold calls on you. Did I mention that I sit between two girls? Amen!

2 Responses to “The ghost of math”

  1. Hi

    thanks and FY


  2. Hi,

    Ignore the women. Dont get distracted, the movement you said, you R between two babes, the brain cells are started releasing chemicals of pleasure.

    Try to look shabby, no body bothers you.

    No women no cry
    -Bob Morley

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