I, The Absolute


Posted by itheabsolute on May 3, 2005

Children are usually asked to shut up when they talk more or talk with more people. Reading is good. Writing is good too. Talking much is never good. But, teachers and parents don’t realize much that when children grow up it is talking that is rewarded.

Schmoozing is a skill in demand. One may be born with this skill. Lucky. But it can be acquired too.

A Schmoozer attracts women. He makes good friends. Other things being equal, he gets good jobs. But a Schmoozer is not idle talker.He is a serious player, who does his homework well. He can talk about as many conversation topics as can exist. He is a good listener. He remembers your birthday. He would arrange your ticket for the opera show, the interest about which you had casually mentioned in the discussions. He knows about the most delectable dish served at the latest restaurant in town. He is willing to drop his own agenda. He is confident.You feel comfortable talking to him. He is fun to talk to. A Schmoozer is a superman.

The skill of Schmoozing is not taught at a b-school. But it would greatly benefit to aspire to be a Schmoozer. Every day life provides ample opportunities to pick this skill.

Will I be able to become one when the calendar turns 2006?

PS: Women can be Schmoozers too. But to attract men, Women don’t need to be Schmoozers. It is enough if they are women.

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