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We always have company

Posted by itheabsolute on May 1, 2005

We usually tend to think whether we are alone in being very good or eccentric or in having some mental or physical shortcoming or strengths. But we know that the Mother Earth has preference for inverse bell shaped curve in distributing mental and physical faculties to people or other features of life. What it means is that whatever is our quality/habit – good or bad, physical or mental – we will always find company. And to find company we do not necessarily have to look around the entire world, a country or a city. We can find a person with similar qualities/features even in a small circle of say 300+ students at a b-school. Some examples,

• Common birthday. There is a high likelihood of someone having the same birthday as ours in a group of thirty, when the group is randomly formed

• Liking for trekking. In a group of six, I found two people being interested in this

• Coming unprepared to the class. There is always someone else who will come unprepared

• 12 am visit to Library. There is one more creature digging into the books

• Booze and get stoned. Plenty

• 6 am visit to the gym. At least one more health/figure conscious for company

• If we are short/tall, then there is someone as short/tall or even shorter/taller

• There is no most intelligent person. There is someone else as intelligent

Post Scriptum:
1. The above situations hold good in most, not all, of the situations. The bell curve never meets the x-axis. So on the very extremes, you will find some single souls. First one to circle North Pole. Only person to have tried deep diving into the Mariana Trench. There is only one Hitler who fancied decimating a race of people.
2. During competitions/contests, the first, second and third spots go to people who manage to be best or worst when it matters most
3. There are situations where without company things don’t work. Marriage, Tennis, for instance.

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