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The ‘CHI’ of Life

Posted by itheabsolute on April 22, 2005

• We are far from reaching 100 % efficiency because first mathematics is primarily based on assumptions and two statistics are only approximation to the truth. Because statistics is always done with samples and not with the entire data. Also, certain important numbers in mathematics do not have terminal value. Pi or exponential e, for instance. Meaning that you will always remain that much far from truth and efficiency. As the knowledge base grows you will approximate the truth & efficiency but can never attain them.*

• Exponential ‘e’- this number has a great significance in the world of number/math. So told my professor. It takes a value of 2.718 (approximately). I believed him as he told that he does not have to lie. But what can be the significance of a number 2.718 known by the name ‘e’. Despite sitting in a few classes, I failed to understand. Today I resolved to know the meaning and thereby the significance of this number. I discovered that when one unit of a currency is continuously (every minute) compounded for a year, you arrive at this value. Perhaps, then there is some significance to this number.

• The preferred graphical figure of the mother earth is a Bell Curve. When you plot values of physical and mental characteristics of human being such as height, age, mental makeup, etc on the x/y-axes on a graph, you would end up with what is called a bell cure (a curve which is in the shape of a reverse bell). I don’t know the reason why mother earth should prefer such a pattern in allocating physical and mental characteristics for human being. But what I observe is that, with increase in medical facilities, longevity has increased to beyond 70. Because of increasing population growth (exponential), the number of children below 10 or 20 years is increasing. The percentage of the people between 20 and 60 is decreasing. The resultant effect is that the bell shape, as far as population is concerned, is getting distorted. But as we know bell shape is the mother earth’s choice. Will Mother earth do something bad with human beings to correct this anomaly and get the graph of population back to bell curve.

• Imagine beginning your day with some professor talking about unintelligible Sigma, PI, MU (pronounced mue), d/dx, delta. Today I was introduced to CHI (pronounced kai). I am yet to figure out what significance this CHI can have in my life. All that I ever want to do with these three letters in life is to have them as the first three letters of my designation.$

*My first reactions to the daily dose of math and statistics. I could be entirely wrong and if I discover so then I will come back with corrected version. I am also only approximating the truth, you see.

$ CHIef Executive Officer

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  1. Anonymous said

    way to go ….


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