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At ISB, we ‘also’ study

Posted by itheabsolute on April 21, 2005

• What will you do, when you blink your eye and you miss the link between two important concepts being taught by the professor in the classroom? This is the case of people who are very young and are just two or three years since their college study. Imagine the fate of relatively old students like me who have left college for many years. For us, blink of an eye is an interlude between a long wayward journey of mind into a land of something unimportant and irrelevant. Keeping concentration and focusing on what the professor is saying has been quite tough.We have already seen people sleeping off, getting photographed while sleeping, falling off the chairs in the classes. I was not among them.

• Our (wife and I) rendezvous with café at ISB was quite disappointing. The people managing the café are sloppy; the food not delectable; waiting time quite long. We will not go there ever unless we feel extremely desperate to have a muffin or some milkshake, which desperation usually we don’t get.

• Mobile phone service companies have invaded the campus. You don’t get to sell 300+ cell phones connections at one place everyday. ISB is an attractive market for many a marketer. In turn, ISB manages to get handsome discounts for the students (and I guess for the staff too) from these marketers.

• All of us here at ISB have really slogged, cleared GMAT, wrote good essays and managed to get good recos from bosses. All of us have given up jobs to get our MBA degree. That’s the larger objective for which we are here. But when you live life through every second, minute and hour of the day, it is not easy to always keep in mind the objective. Mind tends to run away to have easy time. And ISB provides good opportunity for distraction. Chatting & Bitching are the most interesting activity for human beings. ISB provides ample opportunity to do this. Eating is one more such activity. The café is always available to go there and eat. Library is one more. There is a lot of crowd here. But how many actually sit here and read is something about which I have doubts. Women here are good distraction too, both for men and women (don’t they need to compare with others and be high on the fashion metric).

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    Enjoying Life!!


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