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It has started to make sense

Posted by itheabsolute on April 20, 2005

• Till yesterday, even simple things like mean, median and mode were just some concepts for me. Today I realized the relevance of each of these concepts to decision making and everyday life. Not all are very important. Important, nonetheless. MBA education has already started making some impact on me.

As my erstwhile colleague was commenting about me today, I am more an arts person than a science person*. As I had written earlier, I am more comfortable with people than with numbers. But through MBA education I would like to use these numbers to make things for people and their organization better.

• Today, we were taught the concept of exponential (growth/decay). A colony of bacteria growing or decaying is an example of exponential. Chain mails are an example of this. I was happy knowing this concept. But what I did not realize was that I was ignoring ‘this’ happening with me.

I did not need any revision for my first day class. Second day classes hence were not difficult to grasp. I thought third day classes would be equally easy. But the exponential stuff happened. Third day classes included a whole lot of theory which was taught in first and second days. Unless you had a good understanding of what was taught those days, you din’t profit much from the third day. Each class is tougher than the earlier class and would include the concepts taught in all the previous classes.

This reinforces my belief. There is no tomorrow here. Things have to be done today. Now. An old LIC ad is an apt one for our situation.

• Having incurred a huge expense on the fee, most of us are already saddened souls. As though this weren’t enough, we are to buy books. And I cannot buy books written by Maheshwaris and Chandras of the world, which books are available in Koti at second hand prices. These are books written necessarily by foreign authors and are heavy on the wallet. Yeah, I din’t deny that these books are excellent. And I also don’t complain that I get a 15 % discount on these books.

Post Scriptum:
*That I have a B Sc degree is not all my fault. One needs a bachelor degree to get some job in India. Isn’t that.

One Response to “It has started to make sense”

  1. Wonderful and incisive comments! It is a delight to read your blog. I have been following your blog of late and I am mighty impressed with the level of observation and analysis that you bring to your posts. There are some really thought provoking comments, might I say ‘Food for Thought’ on your blog. Please keep up the good work and best wishes for your adventures in B-school.

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