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First Day; First Show

Posted by itheabsolute on April 18, 2005

• During my work-ex, I attended a lot of training programs. A lot of them did not mean anything to me, because some were not good and some were too boring. Most of them had no purpose. Good thing about these training programs was the employers paid for them. I got free lunch, coffee, tea & snacks all the time. The accommodation usually was good. One or two of the training programs I took my wife along.

Today I sat in a proper ‘classroom’ after a long long time. This time I ‘chose’ to sit. I paid for it. I sat there with a purpose – to get my MBA degree. The downside was I did not get any free coffee, tea & snacks. How were the classes? These are just pre-term classes. I would rate them good. Not out of the world. I eagerly await the start of the first term, which is when we will get a chance to be taught by the who’s who of the world of management education.

• As I had written in the Naked Ape blog, people are religiously following the principle explained by Desmond Morris. People move in small groups. Once the group is large enough (say not more than 10), it typically tends to become closed.

• I keep saying hello/hi to other students who walk by. I don’t know their names. It is just out of courtesy that I/all keep doing it. Many of them are quite tired saying hello/hi and getting to introduce themselves and getting to know others. Beyond a point, man is a-social.

• Library is open from 8 am to 2 am. Café is open till 12 midnight. Pretty Cool.

• Internet speeds are at 100 Mbps. This is also pretty damn cool.

• Technology usage is maximized here. I realize that I am technologically challenged. Improving skills to use the common software applications is now on my priority.

• Bankers are a very lowly represented community here. Good for me.

• The resources/tasks available are much more than what one can manage. One learns the basic management lesson of ‘prioritizing’ without ever being given any gyan on the same.

• I bumped into my school chum. We studied together about 17 years ago. Add to it, he is a part of our study group of six people. Call this coincidence; world is a small place. Whatever.

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