I, The Absolute

Life will never be the same again

Posted by itheabsolute on April 15, 2005

What I want from my one year @ ISB

– New perspectives on life
– Better organisation and management capabilities
– Ability to handle complex data for decision-making
– Be among top ten percentile in terms of grades
– A few good friends
– Last but not least, an MBA degree to be able to proudly say that I am an MBA. And that from ISB.

What I don’t want to lose

– Ability to make intuition based decisions
– Lateral thinking
– Ability to be as comfortable with an office boy as much as the ability to befriend senior people
– My old friends and contacts
– My appetite for risk taking (usually with MBA degree, people become risk averse)
– My commitment for my long-term personal goals (balance of physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of life)

Where and how far I will go in life will now depend solely on how much I am willing to slog the next one year.

Come tomorrow and my life will never be the same again.

Post Scriptum:

My Corporate Banking teammates hosted a dinner for me this evening. It is a great feeling to be wanted even when you don’t belong to the organisation. It is not sure if we all will ever work together again. But such token of affection and regard go a long way in proving that life is much more than task-oriented. These small things surely make life worth living. This is to all my teammates.

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