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Posted by itheabsolute on April 13, 2005

• Finally, my last day at HDFC Bank. I am as much sad leaving this organisation, as I am happy about joining ISB. But as everything has a first time, everything has a last time too.

• The placement report of ISB was quite enthusing. USD 181k dint enthuse me as much as the report that some of the students went at Director, COO level. I always believed in one thing. Money chases good positions. Hence, chase good positions. Not money.

• Two days and I will move to the campus. I revisited my “to do” list. I can give myself a pat on the back for being relatively organised.

• One thing all people moving to Hyderabad from cooler places of the world should factor in to improve their performance is handling the summer of Hyderabad. The sun is blazing as though it would never get an opportunity again. You cannot complain that I dint warn.

• Hyderabad has come up with quite a few/good Café Coffee Day Centres. One such good café is in Jubilee Hills, relatively close to ISB. I was at this café today. This is the most happening place in Hyderabad. Exclude 10D, B&C, Liquids and Touch – the famous lounge bars of Hyderabad.

• I sat in front of the TV well beyond the stipulated time to watch “Sex and the City” for perhaps the last time before I get placed at ISB. It dint happen. Any idea why those single, enterprising, and famous women ditched me?

• I can understand the difficulty of the people who are moving from various places to relocate to ISB. Managing to transfer the luggage, getting used to the climate of a new city, leaving behind a well-set life. Not easy at all.

• Fee of INR 15 lac, Opportunity cost of INR 15 lac, 10 KMs of road journey, a car full of luggage, my wife, my thinking, and my ambition. This is all my journey to ISB is about. ISB, here I come.

5 Responses to “Potpourri”

  1. Raj said

    Wish you good luck pal.

  2. Metal said

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and my best wishes as you embark on the ISB journey.Hope you fulfill all the goals that you intend to in the coming yr.

  3. wits said

    Absolutely. Can’t just buy positions with money. Wise decision. Get what you wanted at ISB.

  4. neha said

    15 lakhs? that’s crazy!!!!!

  5. wits said

    Continued from previous post…

    Not interested in meeting. I don’t like to be disappointed or rather say, “don’t like to disappoint anyone”
    However I should say that I am a simple and straightforward guy, (not gal mind you) who has simple approach to life.
    No big fears, no big thoughts, no big philosophical thoughts. But love watching thinkers like you.
    Can’t really dependable because I might change my mind and drop my journey in between.
    But hope and positive attitude, I have tons, which I can always lend to someone.

    My good wishes to you at ISB. Never know we might land up together in some airport.

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